Welcome to Beit Natan



Beit Natan is the Jerusalem-based cancer support, advocacy and resource center serving individuals throughout Israel as they cope with cancer. Beit Natan's pluralistic programs provide guidance and support at every stage of cancer diagnosis and treatment as an essential compliment to medical treatment.  All Beit Natan programs are supervised by psycho-oncologists, psychologists and social workers, and promote recovery while enhancing quality of life for those diagnosed with cancer, and for their spouses and families.


Beit Natan Services

The Lev Rachel Helpline - Telephone helpline manned by recovered cancer patients.

Support Groups and Workshops - Ongoing programs focusing on a variety of topics.

Therapeutic Retreats for Recovery - One-day and three-day programs designed for those coping with cancer, designed for recreation, education and fortification.

Couples Retreats - Three-day programs for couples in which one spouse is coping with cancer, designed to uplift, educate and enhance the marital relationship.

Mini-Vacations for Couples and Families - Opportunities to take a brief vacation and recharge away from the stresses of everyday life.

Treatment Companions - Trained volunteers accompany cancer patients to treatment, alleviating the stress and boredom of the appointments.

Teen Support - Events and workshops for teens who have lost a parent to cancer.

The Tomchim Volunteer In-Home Hospice Visitation Program - Trained volunteers assist and support the terminally ill and their families.

Volunteer Training - Training programs and seminars for Beit Natan volunteers.

A Day of Strength - Skill building and support program for professionals and volunteers engaged in work with the terminally ill.