Chanukah Party for Mothers and Daughters

Beit Natan's annual Chanukah Party took place on Tuesday, December 3, the 7th light of Chanukah, at the Beit Ha'aracha in Bayit Vegan. It was wonderful.

Teens in the forest

Teens spend day in Jerusalem Forest

It was a great day for the 40 participants of Beit Natan's Teen Survivors Program who spent a day in the forest at the entrance to Jerusalem.

Over the course of the past year, young ladies who had lost a parent to cancer came together every six weeks to bond and to grow. Through therapeutic workshops and delicious food the girls gained tools to help them overcome the challenge of having lost a mother or father.

The program culminated with an outing in the Jerusalem Forest. The beautiful weather and great atmosphere were the perfect backdrop for the 40 girls and young women, including seven sisters, who gathered to face their loss head-on.

With three different challenging physical activities, two therapeutic workshops and a lavish lunch, participants found closure, created lasting bonds and garnered the inner strengths they have been building all year.

We thank Jewish Child's Day of the UK, the Miller Foundation of Vermont and the Argus Foundation of Florida whose generous finacial aid made this day an unforgettable experience.

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Living with this illness is a challenge that requires untold determination and courage.
We strive to enable each woman to release these qualities to better her life.
Our women’s cancer support and resource center provides comprehensive emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual guidance and support every stage of the disease to women coping with cancer from diverse backgrounds throughout Israel. Working alongside Israel’s professional medical establishment, our professional, dedicated staff offers extensive knowledge and expertise. Our volunteers, many cancer survivors themselves, bring a wealth of valuable, personal experiences. For over a decade, we have been providing meaningful help to thousands, becoming an inseparable part of their healing. 

Beit Natan Women's Cancer Support & Resource Center in Israel


Lev Rachel Help-line manned by recovered cancer patients (200 patients)                               
Therapeutic Retreats for Recovery (twice a year, 100 patients each) 

Tomchim – Home Hospice Volunteer Visitation (50 monthly cases)

Support groups and workshops (60 active participants)

Couples Retreat for Recovery (twice a year, 30 couples each)

R&R for cancer patients and their spouses

Mothers & Daughters (100 mothers & daughters)

Teen Survivors who lost a parent to cancer (35 girls)

Accompanying patients to the outpatient oncology ward


• Raised mammography compliance rates among our target population by over 50%

• Educational outreach to over 45,000 people in 2012 alone.

• Cancer support to approximately 950 cancer patients per year

• Broken the taboo around cancer among our target population

• Opened 4 new programs in 2012 reaching an additional 200 patients and families

• Four part-time staff and 150 volunteers