Couples Retreat

The Therapeutic Couples Retreat is an expansion of our annual three-day Retreat for Recovery, which helps only female cancer patients.

Patients are not alone in their struggle with the disease, since the entire family is affected by a mother's illness. As part of Beit Natan's efforts to service their clients, the Couple Retreat services helps patients along with their spouse.

The retreat has support groups, workshops and lectures designed to enhance the couple/marital relationship during this trying period.

In the evenings, couples join in for relaxation and entertainment, lightening the atmosphere.

The first retreat helped 25 couples and took place over 3-days in the Nir Etzion hotel in September 2012 thanks to a grant from Yedidut Toronto - the Friedberg Foundation.

Since then, we have held another 3 Couples Retreats for tens of couples.

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