UPcoming Events

Resort R&R (Margoa) is ongoing throughout the year. For more information and to register please contact Nitza at or 02-6446052

Resort R&R (Margoa) provides cancer patients and their spouse with the ability to escape for a mini vacation. Resort owners throughout the country donate a minimum of 2 nights at a time. We then refer patients to a resort in the region of their choice.


Couples Retreat for Recovery

The annual Couples Retreat will take place Tues-Thurs, October 27-29, 2015 at the Nir Etzion Hotel. Details to follow...

Thank you to the Friedberg Foundation - Yedidut Toronto for their generous support.



Past Events

Carnival for Cancer


A carnival to raise funds for Beit Natan was held in Har Nof. Thank you to all the volunteers, organizers and participants. We couldn't do it without you.


2015 Summer Retreat

A one-day Retreat took place on July 14, 2015 in a private hall in Jerusalem. Approximately 80 women from around the country attended, including both patients and volunteers. The program consisted of a lecture, an interactive nutritional workshop, peer support activities, stress reduction/ movement workshop and completed with a lecture on spiritual recovery.


Beit Natan's annual Summer Retreat was a whopping success 

The annual Summer Retreat took place in the Beit Haaracha Bayit Vegan over the summer. 75 women came for the one-day get-a-way to release pent up emotion and renew their strengths.

Chanukah Party for Mothers and Daughters

Beit Natan's annual Chanukah Party took place on Tuesday, December 3, the 7th light of Chanukah, at the Beit Ha'aracha in Bayit Vegan. It was wonderful.

Teens spend day in Jerusalem Forest

It was a great day for the 40 participants of Beit Natan's Teen Survivors Program who spent a day in the forest at the entrance to Jerusalem.

Over the course of the past year, young ladies who had lost a parent to cancer came together every six weeks to bond and to grow. Through therapeutic workshops and delicious food the girls gained tools to help them overcome the challenge of having lost a mother or father.

The program culminated with an outing in the Jerusalem Forest. The beautiful weather and great atmosphere were the perfect backdrop for the 40 girls and young women, including seven sisters, who gathered to face their loss head-on.

With three different challenging physical activities, two therapeutic workshops and a lavish lunch, participants found closure, created lasting bonds and garnered the inner strengths they have been building all year.

We thank Jewish Child's Day of the UK, the Miller Foundation of Vermont and the Argus Foundation of Florida whose generous finacial aid made this day an unforgettable experience.

Beit Natan's Second Annual Couples Retreat - May 28-30, 2013

The Couples Retreat hosted both male and female patients and their spouse for 3-days of renewed relationship building. Through the workshops, counseling and rest and relaxation, couples received strengths to cope with the battle ahead.

Beit Natan welcomes visiting group of Russian Breast Cancer Specialists,

representing the Federal Medical and Biological Agency. During a 5-day working visit to Israel, they were very much impressed by Israel's services and facilities. What impressed them most of all was the devotion to patient care which was apparent wherever they went. In the words of the program coordinator, the warmth and generosity of Beit Natan's welcome was one of the highlights of their visit in early May.


Women once again return uplifted from Beit Natan's Retreat 2013

The tenth annual Retreat for Recovery took place Jan 20-22, 2013 in the Nir Etzion Hotel. The theme this year was "To Nurture Yourself and to Grow". 

The women participated in lectures, workshops and entertainment gaining skills on how to care for themselves, their homes and their family while undergoing treatments. Thank you to the Maurice Wohl Foundation and private donors for making this event happen.

27 couples travel on Beit Natan's first Couple Retreat 2012

Thanks to a grant from Yedidut Toronto - the Friedberg Foundation, 27 cancer patients and their spouses traveled to Nir Etzion for a Couples Retreat. Over the course of 3-days, participants relaxed, renewed their relationship and together forged new bonds. In addition, they received coping skills, both as individuals and as a unit, for the struggle ahead.

Ninth annual Retreat draws women countrywide 2012

Once again spirits were high as nearly 100 women left the Nir Etzion Hotel. After 3 days of workshops, relaxation, recreation, new friendships, peer support and laughter, women returned home with renewed strength. “The joy generated during the singing, drumming and dancing does us no end of good!” relates one woman who has attended previous Beit Natan retreats.

Ninety women join Beit Natan's eighth annual Retreat 2011

The Retreat for Recovery took place in the Nir Etzion Hotel on the Carmel Coast, not too far from Haifa. The participants represent a broad cross-section of Israeli society – secular, ultra-Orthodox, traditional – and hail from all over the country. At this therapeutic retreat, women with cancer receive the “spiritual medicine” of camaraderie, a calming atmosphere, and a variety of activities. They gain knowledge and skills to continue in their struggle with the disease. The retreat is highly recommended by oncology nurses at hospitals throughout Israel. Over the course of the retreat, medical doctors, rabbis, and professional staff lead a variety of workshops, which include: coping and overcoming; health and joy of life; laughter therapy; guided imagery to heal the body and soul; reflexology; movement; arts and crafts, and more. There are also recreational activities and entertainment: singing; dancing; play-back and more.

Seventy women enjoy a fun-filled Retreat 2010

“Renewal: A Physical and Spiritual Journey” was the theme at Beit Natan’s winter retreat. A generous grant from the Myra Reinhert Foundation sponsored the event, now in its sixth year. 70 women living with cancer participated in informative seminars & workshops, such as the art of diet & nutrition, laughter, breathing, art, drumming, dance, reflexology, swimming, hiking and more. Participants returned home with their batteries recharged to face ongoing chemotherapy and other debilitating cancer treatments. Thanks to Beit Natan's psychotherapist Jenny Edry for the programs design, and Mrs. Chaya Gotthelf for its implementation. Special thanks to all the volunteers who put their heart and soul into making this a truly memorable event.

One hundred women participate in Getaway 2009

This summer, 100 women coping with cancer , from all over Israel gathered together to join forces in their fight for life. The theme was "Challenges alongside Personal Growth". The women enjoyed a day of activities with BEIT NATAN's professional staff and other guest speakers. Starting with coffee and cake (we all need it!!), the morning program included our opening sessions –" Inner Strength and Creativity"; using therapeutic sculpture and art materials. Special guest Russian musician Aaoron Kotler, performed and told his amazing story how he turned "lemons into lemonade". After a hot, healthy lunch, the women participated in a choice of small, individualized workshops such as, "Positive thinking", "The ability to forgive and forget", "Open your heart with art" and "Happiness via body movement". The program ended with the entire group enjoying "Laughter the best medicine", with special laughter activities, 'Karioki' and dance.