With Love

To the Staff of Beit Natan,

Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat!

Last year, I had to be convinced to attend. This year, I could not wait!

The program was really enriching and the participants were warm and caring. It was wonderful to reconnect with women from last year and to meet so many others. Out of a common challenge you created a common bond. Women from all different backgrounds came together to share, support, and enrich each other.

The workshops helped us to process what we have been, and are, experiencing. For me, the ability to take time out and explore some of the deeper emotions that I feel has been a gift. The retreat is just a stepping stone on my journey, but it helps me to find my way. I am eager to come to our support group to further discuss issues that arose during the retreat. The program was excellent.

There was a good balance of lectures, workshops, and free time. I hate to miss anything and was grateful for a window to rest (read: sleep) and recharge my batteries. It is so challenging to have cancer. Beit Natan has been an invaluable source of sup port and love.

Thank you for everything that you have given and continue to give me.

With love, R.