Resort R&R (Margoa)

Resort R&R (Margoa) provides cancer patients and their spouse with the ability to escape for a mini vacation. Resort owners throughout the country donate a minimum of 2 nights at a time. We then refer patients to a resort in the region of their choice.

For the past few years, people have asked Beit Natan to provide them with a little vacation from the ongoing and tiring challenges of living with cancer and it’s treatments; a retreat with their spouse who needs it just as much as they do. Now this dream has become a reality! How does it work? Innkeepers and hotels in Israel have donated rooms to Beit Natan, for the exclusive use of its patients. Couples have already benefited from their generosity. The inn-keepers are joining the mission with a full heart. The vacationing couples return home with re-newed strength. In the words of one vacationer: "we  met good people…the pleasant location and the atmosphere enabled us to truly relax."

To donate a resort or refer a patient please contact Nitza at or directly to 02-6426156.