Leah Eckstein- was born in Lyon, France and made Aliyah with her husband Ian, in 1975. She has worked in many non-profits as executive secretary, and has been Beit Natan's CFO and Executive Secretary since 1999.

Sarah Kiron - Director of Development is in charge of writing requests and reports to raise funds for our ongoing programs. She joined Beit Natan in 2005 and has brought in grants from various donations and government offices.

Patient Support Personnel

Chaya Heller, MsC, OBM – Executive Director. In 1996, Mrs. Chaya Heller founded Beit Natan – women’s health resource and cancer support center and serves as its Executive Director. She received a Bachelor in Communication Arts from Ryerson Polytechnical College, and a Masters in Clinical Sociology from the University of Northern Texas. Prior to founding Beit Natan, Mrs. Heller worked in publishing and advertising, and, as Director of Beit Natan, besides her responsibilities as administrator, was involved in community based healthcare and patient support. Chaya passed away peacefully in her sleep on Friday morning July 6, 2012. Special Section devoted to Chaya ». To purchase Chaya's autobiography, click here »

Jeny Yaffe Edry, MA – Director of Cancer Support Services Mrs. Edry brings with her a colorful background. A native of Brazil, she speaks English, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Spanish. Mrs. Edry originally trained as a clinical and educational psycho-therapist. Jeny, a recovered patient from breast cancer, subsequently trained in psycho-oncology. (Israel Cancer Association). She joined Beit Natan in 2006 as a facilitator for our support groups. Today she is the director of all cancer support services, overseeing the curriculum of the Retreats for Recovery, support groups and workshops, and the teenage events and programs.

Sarit Elmaliach, MA – Oncology Social Worker Mrs. Elmaliach received her BA in Social Work from Hebrew University, with graduate studies in criminology (MA, Hebrew University) and subsequently in psycho-oncology (Israel Cancer Association). Sarit joined Beit Natan in 2000, where she works as a Social Worker, adviser for the telephone hot-line, lecturer, support group facilitator, volunteer trainer and an active partner in the Retreats. In addition to her work at Beit Natan, Mrs. Elmaliach works as a social worker for HMO Maccabi, and a teacher/tutor in Hebrew University and Midreshet Emuna Ladies College. In previous positions she has worked for the Ministry of Health and Hadassah Medical Center.

Nitza Goldish, BSW - National Tomchim Project Director Mrs. Goldish joined Beit Natan in 2001 as the director of the Woman to Woman Project. With the advent of the Tomchim Project, she became the Tomchim (home-hospice visitation) national coordinator, responsible for volunteer training, placement and supervision.. Prior to joining Beit Natan, Mrs. Goldish worked with high-risk youth and their families in various cities throughout Israel. In addition, she completed training in psycho-oncology (Israel Cancer Association).

Esther Zemel – Lev Rachel Help-line Project Coordinator In response to her daughter Rachel’s passing from cancer, Mrs. Zemel felt the need to reach out to others. After talking it over with Mrs. Heller, she founded the help-line in her daughter’s memory. Since its founding in 1998, Esther has been responsible for volunteer training, intake calls from patients and family and matching up callers with volunteers. Mrs. Zemel counsels patient's on the help-line, and is a co-facilitator to several support groups.