Thank You SO MUCH

Dedicated to the esteemed staff and supporters of “Beit Natan”
and our dearest Chaya Heller & Co.

During the ups and downs of life, how wonderful it is to have family and friends with whom to share. But as “Anglos” who have settled in Israel, we often have left behind some of the most important people in our lives.

Still, we can – usually!- develop a support network, be it for a sleepless night with a teething baby, or help for a Simcha in the family. But when something like cancer comes our way, much of this support network evaporates – just when we may need it most. Even well-meaning relatives and friends may not know what to say and do.

If we’re luck, we find “Beit Natan” and a whole new world of warmth, support, encouragement, information and advocacy. Least not of which is the yearly retreat. We have now spent 2 wonderful days together recharging our batteries, spiritually, physically and emotionally. It is now our 3rd morning, it is raining, cold and foggy outside – but our hearts are full of sunshine. We are sitting and talking about how much this has meant to us, how our families will benefit (despite our having “abandoned” them for own “selfishness”) how we can go back to face fear, deal with treatments, pain, exhaustion perhaps even disability.

But now, thanks to the amazing Beit Natan, we feel so much better, so different from 3 short days ago… As a veteran of 2 previous retreats, I can attest that the buoyancy will help me ride hig, no matter what storms come my way, with waves that threaten and engulf me.

And then of course Beit Natan is there with “booster shots” throughout the year, meeting and lectures, to keep in touch, keep abreast of medical breakthroughs, learn from each others’ experiences. “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”.

Beit Natan has been our “sweetener” for that lemonade, health-enhancing in everyway.

Thank you SO M U C H
On behalf of all the “anglo” participants,
R, Jerusalem R. F.Haifa E, Jerusalem M. H, Jerusalem B, Elad S. L., Ramat Gan C. N, Jerusalem T. R, Jerusalem Z. F, Tel Aviv C. B, Tsfat R. M, Jerusalem E. M, Tel Aviv

[Winter Retreat for Recovery 2008]